Anatomical Chart Company

The best source we've found for anatomical charts and models. The site is very straightforward and easy to use. They will send e-mail announcements of sales.


Art Renewal Center

A huge site containing hundreds of years of artists' works: painting, sculpture, drawing and other media. The site is devoted to representational art by philosophy and design. An annual competition is offered.

This site contains 1,200 years of Italian sculpture and 4,000 years of architecture. It is an art history lesson it itself.


The Compleat Sculptor, Inc.

Products cover everything for sculptors and ceramicists—from handmade wood sculpture tools to clays to books on sculpture and sculpting.



A comprehensive site for sculptors: artists, associations, books, foundries, links, tools and much more. It is a bit confusing to use, but very useful.


The Viselaya Foundation

There are countless competitions, but the sponsors of this one aim to promote appreciation of figurative sculpture and advance the careers of the best contemporary figurative artists.



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